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Real name Unknown
Affiliation The Society
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Height 6'0
Weight 196 lbs
Gender Male
Era Pre-Crisis

The Fisherman is an international criminal who began his career by stealing rare objects and scientific inventions and selling them to the highest bidder. When he stole a growth formula capable of enlarging any living matter it came into contact with, he encountered Aquaman who captured him and his gang. He later joined the Terrible Trio along with Karla and Un-Thing but was defeated once again by Aquaman and Mera.

During InfiniteCrisis Fisherman, Scavenger, Body Doubles, Red Panzer, Riddler, and Murmur attacked the Gotham Police. The Fisherman went on a rampage and killed multiple members of the GCPD and began to strangle Crispus Allen with his titanium alloy rod, but was shot dead by detectives Marcus Driver and Josie McDonald.

The autopsy revealed that he was to young to be the original Fisherman (he was also in jail during the period Fisherman committed his crimes).

Fisherman's mysterious origin was finally revealed in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #48 and Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #49. It's revealed that Fisherman's very distinct yellow with black dots "helmet" is actually a hunter from another dimension. The hunter sent in our dimension by the Masters,dark beings and rulers of the Outside realms (bearing a striking resemblance with the ancient gods H.P Lovecraft made famous) and his mission is to find what can feed the masters in our world, in order to prepare our realm for their invasion.

When he entered our dimension however he was affected by the change and forgot his true purpose, going in a slumber like state, only finding suitable candidates to latch on and grant them the Fisherman's powers. All the individuals chosen by the Fisherman, were already capable themselves in some sort of hunting. His most notable host was a professional munitions trafficker and enemy of Aquaman.

After he was shot during Infinite Crisis, Fisherman found a knew host and remembered his mission and full powers (such as the ability to actually breath and survive underwater, posses low level enhanced physical attributes and the ability to create and control tendrils from his body).

He tried to gather enough denizens of an underwater community in order to satisfy his Masters and open a gate for them in our world but was defeated by Arthur Joseph Curry (the second Aquaman) and thought to be dead. However the Fisherman creature escaped capture and was last seen trying to communicate with his Masters.

First Costume[]

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