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Real name Felicity
Alias none known
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Occupation Freedom fighter
Family Unnamed mother (deceased)
Homeworld Karna
Affiliation Omega Men
First appearance Omega Men vol 1 #26 (May 1985)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions none known
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Felicity was born on the planet Karna, one of the territories within the Citadel Empire in the Vega star system. It became a provincial outpost for the Citadel's slavers the Gordanians. The Gordanians established themselves on one of Karna's continents and enslaved Felicity's mother. She died in the fields and soon after the Gordanians sold Felicity to an off-world settlement. As a young adult, Felicity was laboring as a harem dancer on the Citadel-occupied world of Slagg. During the Citadel War, the Omega Men liberated Slagg from Citadel control and Felicity was set free. She immediately became infatuated Tigorr. Felicity tagged along with the Omega Men for many missions.

'Note: New Earth/Post Crisis: Although Felicity survived the Crisis on Infinite Earths, she died shortly afterwards, ikilled by Durlans in the Dominator-led invasion of Earth. Invasion vol 1 (Dec 1988)