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Emerald Bowman of India
Emerald archer dc
Real name Unknown
Alias Emerald Bowman of India
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation Superhero
Family none known
Affiliation Green Arrows of the World
First appearance Adventure Comics vol 1 #250 (Jul 1958)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Green Arrow disambiguation
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Unknown to many in the early years of Green Arrow's adventures, he inspired a group of archers internationally with his daring adventures and search for justice so that they decided to follow by example and become heroes in their own countries all across the world. The influence was strong on this group of archers. Some donned outfits and methods simliar to Green Arrow and Speedy. Green Arrow and Speedy invited these archers to a historical convention in America. The sponsored event was the International Delegaton of Masked Archers, but the general public unofficially called the group of archers, "the Green Arrows of the World" because of the influence that Ollie had over them. These Archers of the World gathered together at their one and only convention to discuss crime fighting techniques and demonstrate their different trick arrows that they had developed in order to help them fight crime. During the convention, a crook named Limehouse Larkin mugged Scotland Yard's Bowman of Britain and stole his outfit. Disguised as the Battling Bowman of Britain, Larkin went into the convention to even a score with Green Arrow. This was the only way he figured he could get close. Once there, he tried to convince Green Arrow to try out the "Big Ben" Arrow. It was actually a ticking time bomb. Seeing a forged wanted poster and deducing that the Bowman of Britain was a fraud, Green Arrow along with the other Archers of the World helped nab Larkin while demonstrating their techniques. Eventually, the real Bowman of Britain surfaced and the convention went on.