Real Name: Chato Santana
Identity: Secret
Affiliation: Suicide Squad
Eyes: Black
Hair: Bald
Alignment: Good
First Appearance: El Diablo Vol 3 #1 (November, 2008)
Appearance of Death:

Other Versions


Chato Satana was born in Los Angeles, but was raised in Mexico by his parents. He and his brother went over the border, but it resulted in the death of his brother. Chato later joined a gang and began to do drug deals and weapon shipments, but was double crossed when a cop crippled him. He spent many days with a knocked out Lazarus Lane, who was in a coma. When the officer made him various ways to turn over his gang, Chato was double crossed and stabbed and smothered. But luckily for him, Satana was saved by Lazarus, originally the anti-Hero El Diablo. Using hi powers, he killed the gang he worked for out as a way of vengence, but ended up murdering innocent people as well. Grief stricken with this mistake, El Diablo took it upon himself to go on a path of redemption, becoming a spirit of vengeance for those wronged by society.