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Dream Girl (Pre-Zero Hour)
Pre-Zero Hour
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Real name Nura Nal
Alias Dream Girl; Miss Terious
Occupation Legionnaire; High Seer of Naltor
Alignment Good
Family Kiwa Nal (mother, deceased); Mysa Nal, aka the White Witch (sister); Thom Kallor, aka Star Boy (long-term partner).
Affiliation Legion of Super-Heroes (Pre-Zero Hour); Legion of Substitute Heroes (Pre-Zero Hour)
Homeworld Naltor
First appearance Adventure Comics vol 1 #317 (February 1964)
Universe Pre-Zero Hour
Alternate versions see Dream Girl (disambiguation)
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Nura Nal came from the planet Naltor, where everyone can - to some extent - foretell the future. She was the most powerful seer of her time, daughter of the planet's High Seer, Kiwa Nal, and - after her mother's death - chosen acolyte of Beren Kah, the next High Seer.

Nura was greatly interested in the Legion of Super-Heroes, and directed her future-sight in their direction. Her vision showed a number of them dying in a spacecraft. Determined to prevent this event coming true, Nura joined the Legion under the name 'Dream Girl' and then began a program of getting the doomed Legionnaires expelled or suspended from the Legion if a variety of different ways. At this time, she met Star Boy, and they fell in love. Having succeeded in getting the Legionnaires suspended, and making herself very unpopular with the other Legionnaires, Nura eventually confessed her deception and the reason for it. To her surprise it transpired that the 'Legionnaires' she had seen dying were in fact lifeless androids, placed in a rocket as a lure to space criminals, and they were, as predicted, destroyed by a meteor. Nura resigned from the Legion, as she'd left under false pretences.

Some time later, Star Boy was expelled from the Legion for killing Kenz Nuhor. He found Dream Girl there to support him, and it was revealed that Nura had joined the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Thom joined too.

Not long after, a band of Kryptonite surrounded the Earth, and Superboy and Supergirl felt they had no choice but to leave the Legion. They insisted that they choose their own replacements, which the Legion accepted. They were two mysterious figures, clad in lead armor: Sir Prize and Miss Terious. It turned out that they were Star Boy and Dream Girl in disguise and they assisted the Legion against Evillo and his Devil's Dozen. At the conclusion of this conflict they were both accepted back into the Legion, along with Bouncing Boy who had regained his lost super-power in the same event, and Superboy and Supergirl who were able to rejoin because the Kryptonite problem had been overcome.

Nura served one term as Legion leader - a post she was eminently suited for and in which role she was very impressive. However, her relationship with Star Boy suffered some ups and downs, and she was less than faithful to him, though he remained devoted to her. Only a few years after that, she left the Legion to take up the role of High Seer of Naltor, as the incumbent, Beren Kah, had died.

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