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Dragonmage (Legionnaires)
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Real name Xao Jin
Alias Dragonmage
Gender Male
Occupation Legionnaire
Alignment Good
Family none known
Affiliation Legionnaires (Glorithverse)
Homeworld Earth
First appearance: Legion of Super-Heroes vol 4 #33 (Sep 1992)
Universe Glorithverse
Alternate versions Dragonmage (Legion of Avalon); Dragonmage (Earth-247)
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Xao Jin, a potentially potent, but undisciplined young sorcerer, honed his magical powers under the mentorship of Madam Chu Hua, a skilled and respected mystic, in an attempt to refine his abilities and achieve his true promise. That training was cut short, however, when both he and his mentor were taken captive by the Dominators as part of their initiative to destroy or subvert all metahuman agents.

He and three fellow captives – Danielle Foccart, April Dumaka, and Bobb Kohan – were released from captivity when the Dominators detonated the Fusion Power-Spheres, and Danielle, with her bond with computers, was able to defuse the charges closest to their prison-pods. The fugitive foursome rescued Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad of the SW6 Legionnaires from Dominion attack, and subsequently, when the SW6 team started over on New Earth, Danielle (Computo), April (Catspaw) and Xao (Dragonmage) were the first new recruits to the team.

Dragonmage’s powers, though formidable, were erratic and his concentration easily broken; as he was the first to admit, he was still in training, and his incomplete mystical education meant that his spells did not always have the effect he intended, or weren’t strong enough for the job – witness his failure to bind the monstrous behemoth Mordecai. Nevertheless, in his short heroic career, he did achieve some personal triumphs, including being on the team that discovered James Cullen, Kid Quantum, aka ‘the Soul of Antares’. It was during this mission that a Protean imitated Xao’s missing mentor, Chu Hua, and it was intimated that Xao’s feelings towards his stern but lovely mentor might have been more than merely respectful. Helping the Protean who had many years ago taken human form as ‘Kid Quantum’ regain his powers, Dragonmage’s team escorted Kid Quantum back to New Earth to become a Legionnaire.

Glorithverse (LSH vol 4/Legionnaires vol 1 #1-18)[]

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