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New Earth
Real name Unknown
Alias Dodger
Alignment Neutral
Gender Male
Occupation Big-time operator
Family none known
Affiliation Team Arrow
First appearance Green Arrow and Black Canary vol 1 #7 (Jun 2008)
Universe New Earth/Post-Crisis
Alternate versions none known
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Dodger was a Londoner operating in high-end merchandise. At one point he came into possession of what appeared to be an alien spacecraft. Recognizing that the vehicle's stealth capabilities made it a lucrative commodity, he began leasing the vessel to various underworld figures, including the League of Assassins. When the vessel in question was linked to an assassination attempt against Connor Hawke, Green Arrow and Black Canary began investigating its activity. The trail led them to London where they (along with Mia Dearden) engaged in combat with Dodger at a local pub. Although Dodger proved to be an able-bodied physical combatant, Team Arrow subdued him, and he told them about the League of Assassins.

Eventually, Dodger began to work with Team Arrow instead of against them, and he began a romantic relationship with Mia Dearden.

New Earth/Post-Crisis[]