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Doctor Phosphorus
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  • Real Name Alexander Sartorius
  • Aliases Baron of Blight
  • Base Of Operations Gotham City 
  • Alignment Bad
  • Identity Public Identity
  • Marital Status Single
  • Gender Male Height 5' 11" Weight 169 lbs (77 kg)
  • Eyes Red Hair No Hair Unusual Features Transluscent skin; glowing epidermis
  • First appearance Detective Comics #469 (May, 1977)


Dr. Alex Sartorius, alias Doctor Phosphorus was transformed by sand irradiated during a nuclear plant’s meltdown, driven up one element on the chemical table, from silicon to phosphorus. Now he has sworn to make Gotham pay, and demands that Bell use the city council to stop Batman from interfering with him, or die. Bell calls the Council’s head man, Rupert "Boss" Thorne.