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Dela Pharon
  • Real name: Dela Pharon
  • Alias: Star Sapphire
  • Identity: Public identity
  • Alignment: Good
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair: Blond, Eyes: Blue
  • Occupation: Star Sapphire
  • First appearance: Green Lantern Vol 2 #41 (December, 1965)
  • Alternate versions: see Star Sapphire disambiguation


Dela Pharon first appeared when a group of Zamarons chose her to be their new queen and gifted her with the Star Sapphire Crystal. However, another group of Zamarons felt that Carol Ferris would serve as a better queen to their people. Angered by this dissension, Pharon went to Earth and attacked Ferris to be rid of the competition. Ferris, herself, reverted to her own Star Sapphire persona and the two women entered into a super-powered duel. Ferris appeared to come out the winner and set out to challenge Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Ferris defeated Jordan, as well, and rook him to Zamaron where she planned to force him to marry her. However, Jordan discovered that Carol was actually Dela in disguise and that Carol was on Xanador living Dela's life. Hal Jordan found Carol and, having brought her back to Zamaron, defeated Dela and returned with Carol to Earth.

Through an account told by Carol Ferris, Dela Pharon continued serving as Star Sapphire. As fate would have it, Dela was in love with the Green Lantern of Sector 1416, who also happend to be from Xanador. Dela courted with the Green Lantern until, eventually, the two fell in love and became mates. However, due to the violet gem's influence, Pharon's extreme interpretation of "love" caused her to encase her lover and their world in violet crystal so that their love would last until the end of time. Dela Pharon's activites since then have not been recorded, but it can be assumed that she has joined the newly-formed Star Sapphire Corps.