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Crimson Avenger (Jill Carlyle)
Crimson avenger jp
New Earth
Real name Jill Carlyle
Alias Crimson Avenger
Alignment Good
Gender Female
Occupation Spirit of Vengeance
Family none known
Affiliation Justice Society of America
First appearance Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. vol 1 #9 (Apr 2000)
Universe New Earth/Post-Crisis
Alternate versions see Crimson Avenger disambiguation
Crimson Avenger logo


Failed lawyer Jill Carlyle took the identity of the Crimson Avenger, and acted as a Spirit of Vengeance. Jill obtained a pair of Colt pistols originally owned by the first Crimson Avenger (Lee Travis) and used them to exact vengeance upon criminals. These guns were cursed such that, if the possessor should use them for revenge, he or she would be cursed to track and kill those who have taken innocent life. As part of the curse, an ever-bleeding bullet hole appeared on her chest.

New Earth/Post-Crisis[]