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Computo (Legionnaires)
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Real name Danielle Foccart
Alias Computo
Gender Female
Occupation Legionnaire
Alignment Good
Family none knownJacques Foccart, aka Invisible Kid II (brother): Francine Foccart (sister)
Affiliation Legionnaires (Glorithverse)
Homeworld Earth
First appearance: Legion of Super-Heroes Annual vol 4 #1 (Aug 1982)
Universe Glorithverse
Alternate versions Danielle Foccart (Pre-Zero Hour)
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Danielle Foccart's early history can be taken to be the same as that of her Pre-Zero Hour counterpart.

Brainiac promised to rid her of the Computo entity that had invaded her system and find a permanent cure. Many months and several failed attempts later, he finally made good his promise. Danielle was able to live a normal life and returned to Abidjan to live with her sister, Francine.

Years later, during the Dominators' control of Earthgov, Danielle was one of many metahumans to be incarcerated in underground chambers for experimentation.

With the Dominators in retreat, a series of explosions were set off to destroy the pods containing their experiment subjects. By this time Danielle had fully developed her power to communicate with and control computers telepathically, though it is not clear whether this ability was due to her childhood illness, possession by Computo, Dominator experimentation, or a combination of these factors. Danielle sensed the impending explosion and, controlling the computer, diffused the nearest charge, allowing her and her fellow captives to escape.

Invited by her brother to join the Legion, Danielle was persuaded instead to stay on New Earth and join the new Legionnaires team, adopting the name 'Computo'. Surprisingly, leader Cosmic Boy appointed Danielle as his deputy. But Computo immediately showed her value to the team by bringing the old Headquarters back online and then preventing the Melbourne and Jakarta domes colliding. Soon afterwards in a battle with the Fatal Five, Computo was able to control Tharok’s robot half, thereby incapacitating him. When Cosmic Boy was hospitalised, Computo assumed temporary leadership of the Legionnaires.

Glorithverse (LSH vol 4/Legionnaires vol 1 #1-18)[]

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