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Command Kid
Command-Kid Rat
Pre-Zero Hour
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Real name Jeev Rehtu
Alias Command Kid
Occupation Adventurer; Legionnaire
Alignment Bad (possessed by evil spirit)
Family none known
Affiliation Legion of Super-Heroes (Pre-Zero Hour)
Homeworld Preztor
First appearance Adventure Comics vol 1 #328 (Jan 1965)
Universe Pre-Zero Hour
Alternate versions none known
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Taboo Isle on Preztor was the home of an incorporeal race of demonic beings, capable of inhabiting others and subverting them to their own evil ends. Jeem Rehtu crashed on Taboo Isle and was possessed by such a demon, granting him the power to create fantastically realistic illusions.

Travelling to Earth, he joined the Legion under the name of Command Kid, but the new Legionnaire proved disdainful and arrogant, seemingly intent on sowing dissatisfaction among his comrades. Indeed he was; the demon that possessed him sought other bodies – those of the Legionnaires - to host its fellow demons. Claiming that his knowledge would enable him to increase the Legionnaires’ powers, Rehtu persuaded them to enter suspended animation so that they could be ‘improved’.

When the heroes were helpless, Command Kid activated a device to facilitate the demons’ escape from Taboo Island and their possession of the Legionnaires. He was thwarted only by the intervention of Saturn Girl and Element Lad, who were monitoring events while returning from a mission. Noticing that Command Kid was most belligerent when around objects made of gold, they deduced that was his weakness: Element Lad changed the control panel of Rehtu’s device to gold and the metal forcibly expelled Rehtu’s demonic possessor. The unconscious Legionnaires were restored, and Rehtu resigned and returned to Preztor.

Classic period (Adventure Comics/Action Comics)[]