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Charma (Pre-Zero Hour)
Pre-Zero Hour
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Real name Charma Drisden
Alias Charma
Occupation Professional criminal
Alignment Bad
Family Markx Grimbor (sometime partner)
Affiliation none known
Homeworld Turabeau
First appearance Superboy vol 1 #221 (Nov 1976)
Appearance of death not shown
Universe Pre-Zero Hour
Alternate versions Charma (Earth-247)
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Charma Drisden was an orphan on the colony world of Turabeau. It isn’t clear whether the pain plague that wiped out her parents caused her power to kick in, but she exhibited an innate aura that caused females to hate her. Trapped in an all-female school, the girl was bullied by all. It was only when the headmistress called in Grimbor to devise restraints for Charma, that the other aspect of her power - to cause all males to love her - became evident. Grimbor was powerless to resist when she asked him to take her away.

Charma was eager to make the most of her power. Thinking that she’d start at the top, she targeted RJ Brande, wrongly thinking that she and Grimbor could handle the Legion between them. Beaten by Shrinking Violet, she was shackled by nullifiers designed by Grimbor. She was sent to a women’s prison, where she died at the hands of her fellow inmates, fuelled by Charma’s own power.

70s/80s (Superboy & the LSH/LSH vols 2 & 3)[]