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Professor Calvin "Cave" Carson is an expert Geologist and skilled cave diver and spelunker. He worked with his friends Bulldozer SmithJohnny Blake, and Christie Madison. Carson and a team of fellow adventurers engage in various adventures beneath the Earth's surface. Carson had a lifelong fascination with tunnels and caves, but maybe not always of high moral values as when he was young he started his career as a lab-tech for the company E. Borsten & Sons.

There he started the Mighty Mole Project, who were working on developing remarkable digging machine to help in mining-access. However the government's priority was on space shuttle and satellite projects, the funding of the Mighty Mole Project got cut.

Cave would later join the Forgotten Heroes, who help stop the Appellaxian invasion. They help Aquaman and the Sea Devils find an underwater grotto. The others trapped a group of water-polluting "Mercury" aliens inside the grotto. Cave later works with the Time Masters on one of their adventures in time.

Cave later battles Eclipso when working with government liaison Amanda Waller. He leads Mona Bennett and Bruce Gordon through underground passages of the nation of Parador, which Eclipso had conquered. Eclipso breaks both his legs and leaves him for dead on the border.

Cave also worked with the Justice Society of America in retrieving Sand from deep within the Earth's crust. He was mentioned on the news radio about an earthquake in India and in Japan. Cave was later mentioned in a news report with his crew under the New York subway system, finding a way to explore the top of the world.