Member 1st Appearance Joined History
Infinity Inc #1 Blood Pack #1 The daughter of the Golden age Green Lantern (Alan Scott) and the Thorn (Rose Canton), Jennie inherited her father's manipulation of green energy in a natural form
Batman Annual #17 (1993) Blood Pack #1 Kelvin Mao was a member of the Gotham City tactical squad that was attacked by Angon, one of the Bloodlines Aliens. Mao survived, and like his fellow New Bloods developed super powers.
Detective Comics Annual #6 (September, 1993) Blood Pack #1 Geist is one of the 'New Blood' heroes, inadvertently created by the alien parasite Pritor. Since surviving the alien's attack, he has been very difficult to see, completely invisible in bright light (though if the light is too bright it blinds him). If he concentrates extremely hard, objects he is touching can be made invisible too. He was a member of the 'Blood Pack', though by mistake.
Showcase '94 #12/2 (December 1994) Blood Pack #1 Loria was a statuesque woman with the meta-human ability to transform her body into organic, living metal. An agent of the Quorum and former member of the Blood Pack before her death.
Hawkman Annual Vol. 3 #1 (1993) Blood Pack #1 Josh Xan, an angry half-Vietnamese adolescent, had his meta-gene activated by an attack from Lissik, one of the Bloodlines Aliens. Xan gained the ability to channel his anger into devastating bolts of energy.
Green Lantern Annual Vol 3 #2 (1993) Blood Pack #1 A Chinese-American meta-human able to regenerate his entire body, possibly from even the smallest cell. Nik Mayak was a pro martial artist.
Robin Annual Vol 4 #2 (1993) Blood Pack #1 Rae Sharp was a member of the Psyba-Rats, a group of techno-thieves, when she was attacked by the alien parasite Venev. A ' New Blood,' she was one of the few survivors of these attacks and found she could transform her limbs into blades which could cut through almost anything
Adventures of Superman Annual #5 (1993) Blood Pack #1 Donna Carol Force, or D.C. for short, is part of the meta-human Force family. D.C.'s fondest wish has always been to become a meta-human as the rest of her family. In an attempt to trigger her meta-human genes, D.C. went to Metropolis with her uncle Harry hoping to find the alien parasites, that were rampaging the city at the time. It was her belief that the aliens could trigger her meta-genes

Blood Pack II

Member 1st Appearance Joined History
New Titans Annual #9 Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1 Courtney Mason has carried with her since birth the personification of all mankind's rage and masculine drive, known as Animus, while her brother Jeremy harbours the feminine equivalent. Her powers were released prematurely when attacked by Lissik, including great strength and the ability to drain others' life force. Anima was known as one of the New Blood heroes, inadvertantly created by the Bloodlines Aliens.
Flash Annual #6 Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1 Whilst investigating one of Keystone City's criminal organisations, agent Nick Kelly was attacked by Venev (one of the Bloodlines Aliens) gaining the ability to become totally invisible in shadow and to see far beyond the normal spectrum in microwaves and infra-red. He has worked alongside the Flash on a few occasions, but more often works alone.
Deathstroke, the Terminator Annual #2 Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1 Andrew Van Horn survived an attack by one of the Bloodlines Aliens, Venev and like his fellow 'New Bloods' discovered he had developed super powers. He could now agitate the molecules of any object with a focal point, transforming it into a powerful particle weapon, or simply cause things (even the air) to explode.
Green Arrow Annual Vol. 2 #6 Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1 Hook-handed and blind Vietnam veteran, he was was one of the so-called 'New Bloods' created by the Bloodlines Aliens. Hook had been attacked by Lissik.

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