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Name 1st Appearance Joined History
Janos Prohaska
Military Comics #1 Military Comics #1 Janos Prohaska was a Polish fighter pilot who fought on the side of the Allies against the Axis powers during Word War II. Together with other exiled pilots, he formed the Blackhawks squadron. After the war, the Blackhawks were turned into a freight company that also served as a front for various black-ops activities performed for the American government during the Cold War.
Stanislaus Drozdowski
Blackhawks-Stanislaus GA-Elph-1.gif
Military Comics #2 Military Comics #2 Blackhawk's second-in-command. Polish, Stan is initially depicted like his teammates with various ethnic distinctions, but those disappear as the series progresses to the point that he could very well pass for an American. He is often portrayed as an acrobat, then later as the team's strongman.
Andre Blanc-Dumont
Blackhawks-Andre GA-Elph.GIF
Military Comics #2 Military Comics #2 With his pencil-thin mustache and natural born suavity, André's appreciation of beautiful women often leads the team into precarious situations. Their demolitions expert, he frequently utters "Sacre bleu!" (an old French profanity).
Olaf Friedriksen
Blackhawks-Olaf GA-Elph.GIF
Military Comics #2 Military Comics #2 A giant of a man, Olaf is usually portrayed as Swedish, his brutish size and poor English playing into the "big, dumb Swede" stereotype. He often shouts, "Py Yiminy!" and demonstrates impressive acrobatic abilities (a trait that Stanislaus' character loses over time).
Hans Hendrickson
Blackhawks-Hendrickson GA-Elph-1.gif
Military Comics #2 Military Comics #2 Known as "Hendy" for short, the oldest of the Blackhawks is also their ever-dependable sharpshooter. Heavyset with white hair and a thick, Germanic mustache, he's usually portrayed as Dutch (though German in some accounts), and often exclaims, "Himmel!" (German for "sky" and "heaven") or "Ach du lieber!" (a German phrase akin to "Oh, dear!").
Charles "Chuck" Wilson
Blackhawks-Chuck GA-Elph-1.gif
Military Comics #10 Military Comics #11 At different times stated as being from Brooklyn or Texas, Chuck is often shown as the team's communications specialist. His words are peppered with frequent American colloquialisms like "I reckon!" and "Dagnabbit!"
Weng Chan (Chop-Chop)
BlackhawksChopChop GAElph2.gif
Military Comics #3 Born in Hong Kong, Weng Chan moved with his family to San Francisco in the early 1930s. During World War II, he distinguished himself as a pilot and member of the famous Blackhawks squadron. Chan continued to serve with the team on and off until the 1970s
Natalie Gurdin Reed Lady Blackhawk
Blackhawk Vol 2 #1 A brilliant Russian-American flight engineer who redesigns the Blackhawks' aircraft and is dubbed Lady Blackhawk by the U.S. press. It's with her help that Prohaska is able to stop Nazi agent and onetime Hollywood actor Death Mayhew from detonating an atomic bomb in New York City. The victory restores Blackhawk's reputation
Zinda Blake Lady Blackhawk
Blackhawk Vol. 1 #133 She's one of the two female members of the paramilitary organization of pilots called the Blackhawks. In 1959, she was whisked away in a time storm and ended up in modern times during the Zero Hour.
Paco Herrero
Blackhawk Vol. 3 #10 A former member of the US Air Force Intelligence, Paco Herrera was approached by Blackhawk in 1950, and asked to join on a mission to rescue the rest of the Blackhawks. Paco accepted and remained with the post-War Blackhawks at least to mid-1975 (the Blackhawks' last recorded mission).
Grover Baines
Blackhawk Vol. 3 #2
Jimmy Reed
Blackhawk Vol. 3 #1
Military Comics #2 The designer of their planes. Mentioned only.
Zeg (Kaximierc Zegota-Januszajtis)
Military Comics #2 Kaximierc Zegota-Januszajtis - "Zeg" to his friends - was a Polish aviator and a close friend of Janos Prohaska, the man who later became known as Blackhawk. Together with Stanislaus Drozdowski, Zeg and Janos were the founders of the fabled Blackhawks team, the aviators who fought the Axis powers during World War II. Zeg was one of the first members to die in battle.
Blackhawk Vol. 3 #4
Carlo "Chuck" Sirianni
Blackhawk Vol 2 #1 Blackhawk Vol 2 #1 An Italian-American from New Jersey who served with the U.S. Office of Strategic Services before joining the team and becoming their chief navigation officer. Chuck is also a dabbler in electronics and aeronautic technology.

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