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Captain Stingaree (Earth-One)
Captain Stingaree
Real name Karl Courtney
Alias Captain Stingaree; Karl Crossman
Gender Male
Alignment Bad
Occupation Criminal
Family Three brothers, Jerome, Michael and Robert Courtney (the other three of the quadruplets)
Affiliation Secret Society of Super Villains
First appearance Detective Comics vol 1 #460 (Jun 1976)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions Captain Stingaree (New Earth) (no page or micros yet)

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Born one of a set of quadruplets, Karl Courtney was always the black sheep of the family. Donning a cutlass and pirate outfit, Karl became Captain Stingaree. In his first outing, Captain Stingaree attempted to uncover Batman's secret identity. Somehow Stingaree had become convinced that his three brothers were actually Batman. Batman approached the Courtney brothers to pose as Batman and act as bait for Stingaree. This allowed the real Batman and the Flash to capture Captain Stingaree