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Captain Frake
REV Captain Frake LSH275 rr
Pre-Zero Hour
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Real name Alisia Frake
Alias Captain Frake
Occupation Pirate captain
Alignment Bad
Family none known
Affiliation Space-pirates
Homeworld New Tortuga
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes vol 2 #274 (Apr 1981)
Appearance of death Legion of Super-Heroes vol 2 #275 (May 1981)
Universe Pre-Zero Hour
Alternate versions none
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Alisia Frake was captain of the pirate ship, 'Antares'. She came across the amnesiac Ultra Boy in space and, impressed by his looks and powers she took him as her lover and named him 'Seeker'.

Ultra Boy went along with her wishes and fought alongside her crew, but refused to kill. He experienced feelings of familiarity when he disabled the Legion Cruiser that came to capture the pirates. When the Legion returned, Ultra Boy was prepared to fight them - until Frake violently threw aside a woman who got in her way. The woman died, and Ultra Boy was repulsed. He intercepted Frake's attempt to blast the Legion with a huge Star Crusher cannon, and the resultant explosion killed Frake and her crew and catapulted Ultra Boy to points unknown.

70s/80s (Superboy & the LSH/LSH vols 2 & 3)[]