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Captain Atom (Earth 4)
Adamallen task
Earth 4
Real name Allen Adam
Affiliation Pax Americana
Family none known
First appearance Final Crisis: Superman Beyond vol 1 #1 (Oct 2008)
Universe Earth 4
Alternate versions see Captain Atom disambiguation
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Allen Adam was the Quantum Superman of Earth 4. During the events of Final Crisis, he was recruited by Monitor Zillo Valla to fight Mandrakk the Dark Monitor; however, he was on board her ship when it was attacked by the destroyer Echo of Midnight, and only his use of the infinite navigation computer was enough to save the rest of the group by crash-landing in Limbo. There he helped fix the ship, but Monitor Zillo Valla arranged for the drugs managing his quantum-sense to wear off, and he united the minds of Superman and Ultraman to fight Mandrakk the Dark Monitor.

Earth 4[]