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Bran-Een (Pre-Crisis)
BRAN EEN Superman172 RT
Earth One
Real name Bran-Een
Alias none known
Occupation not known
Alignment Good
Family none known
Homeworld Krypton (former homeworld); Kandor (home city)
First appearance Superman vol 1 #172 (Oct 1964)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions none known
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When a green comet destroyed Superman's powers, the former Man of Steel picked two Kandorians, one of whom would take his place as the new Superman. Bran-Een was one candidate, but was not selected. Instead, Superman selected Ar-Val. Sadly, Ar-Val proved to be egotistical and glory-hungry, and refused to go after escaped criminals Brainiac and Lex Luthor.

To try to overcome the crisis, Clark Kent was temporarily given the powers of three Legionnaires and Elastic Lad and became the 'Old Superman', but his new powers were not up to the test of capturing the two villains. Ar-Val’s life was saved by the Old Superman, almost at the cost of the latter’s life. In gratitude, Ar-Val transferred his powers to the Old Superman, but died as a result, turned into unliving stone. Clark Kent resumed his Superman identity.