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Bozo the Iron Man
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Golden Age
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Real name Bozo
Alias Bozo the Iron Man; Bozo the robot
Gender Male robot
Alignment Good
Occupation Crimefighter
Family none known
Affiliation Hugh Hazzard
First appearance Smash Comics vol 1 #1 (Aug 1939)
Universe Quality Comics/Golden Age
Alternate versions none
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Bozo the Iron Man, aka Bozo the robot, was invented by Doctor Van Thorp, whose evil plan was to use the innocent-looking machine in a scheme to conquer the world. Like many would-be evil world conquerors, Doctor Van Thorp was in the habit of talking to himself just a little too loudly. He was overheard by his lab assistant, Hugh Hazzard, who vanquished the villain and took the robot for himself. From that day forward, Hugh used Bozo only in the cause of thwarting evildoers.

Quality Comics/Golden Age[]