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Blood Claw
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Real name Unknown
Alias Blood Claw
Gender Male Khund
Occupation Legionnaire; Khundish warrior
Alignment Neutral
Family none known
Affiliation Khundish Heroes; Legion of Super-Heroes (Glorithverse)
Homeworld Khundia
First appearance Legion of Super-Heroes vol 4 #44 (Jun 1993)
Appearance of death Legion of Super-Heroes vol 4 #46 (Aug 1993)
Universe Glorithverse
Alternate versions none
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When one of the Sorceror-King Mordru’s attempts to seize power resulted in the resurrection of the dead as his indestructible army, Khundia’s Warlord Galmark contacted the Legion seeking help for the former United Planets worlds that were under Khundish control. He offered co-dominion of those worlds with the UP, and a structured recolonisation project, but insisted that four Khundish subjects were admitted as Legionnaires for the mission to attack Mordru.

This was agreed, and Firefist became Legion Co-Leader, with his wife Veilmist, the monstrous Blood Claw and the masked ‘aberration’ Flederweb as the newest Legionnaires. Despite some friction - caused by Firefist’s arrogance and Veilmist’s amorous overtures - the Khundish Legionnaires acquitted themselves well, with Veilmist’s teleportation proving instrumental in saving the team on two occasions. Blood Claw was killed in combat with the resurrected dead, and briefly joined Mordru’s ‘zombie army’.

Glorithverse (LSH vol 4/Legionnaires vol 1 #1-18)[]