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Joe Bleau Joe Bleau 18 August 2020

The future of the DC wikias

Robrun   Calendarboy

Hello both of you. I think we need to start thinking what we should do with both wikia of dc. 

More and more the line is blurry between the pre-flashpoint and the new 52 and people are jumping from one wikia to the other and that confuses them.

But at the same time i know that Calendarboy have made a fantastic job keeping the multiverse's characters and the history of DC uptodate.

So im asking you. What should we do ? 

Got any idea ?

Olá vocês dois. Acho que precisamos começar a pensar no que devemos fazer com ambos wikia e dc.

Cada vez mais a linha é borrada entre o pré-flashpoint e o novo 52 e as pessoas estão pulando de uma wikia para outra e isso as confunde.

Mas ao mesmo tempo eu sei que Calendarboy fez um trabalho fantás…

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Joe Bleau Joe Bleau 1 January 2020

GL Infobox

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Joe Bleau Joe Bleau 31 December 2019


Got bore with the Superman page so im just playing a little bit with the infobox on different page. Dont mind me ;)

oh and Happy new year :D

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Me4ever1997 Me4ever1997 12 March 2018

Missing characters

Here’s a list of missing characters and variants if anyone’s looking for characters to make.

Doom patrol 1.coagula 2.flex mentallo 3.Codpiece

Batman family 1.gotham 2.red robin (rebirth)

Rebirth 1.mr oz 2.marionette 3.mime

Flash family 1.fast track 2.god speed 3.negative flash 4.iris (speedster)

Animals 1.batcow 2.dawg

Random dc characters 1.viking prince 2.comet (angel) 3. Deacon Blackfire 4.batmyte 5.microwave mom

Teams 1.the losers 2.ghost patrol 3.

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Selahe1998 Selahe1998 17 January 2018

Missing characters and variants


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Joe Bleau Joe Bleau 2 October 2016


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Blinkn Blinkn 8 June 2014

Urban Justice League by The Questor

Hello I came across a Superbuddies.net gallery by poster called The Quester and his Urban DC Justice and Urban Teen Titans microhero teams. I really liked what little I could see of it and I was wondering if anyone knows if he's still active somewhere perhaps under a different name or where I can find his work? I would really like to see the rest of the urban team designs, but sadly most of the images no longer show up. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.  Link to page http://www.superbuddies.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=38&p=334623

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Gcheung28 Gcheung28 30 April 2014

Take the Batman Ally Quiz

Hey, Batman fans! We all know Batman is a solitary hero, but he has a lot of helping hands in the shadows! Check out the Batman Ally Quiz now to see which of his allies YOU are!

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