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Blackrock (Sam Tanner)
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Real name Samuel 'Sam' Tanner
Alias Blackrock
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral
Occupation President of the United Broadcasting Company
Family Les Vegas (nephew)
Affiliation United Broadcasting Company (UBC)
First appearance Action Comics vol 1 #459 (May 1976)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions see Blackrock (disambiguation)
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Samuel Tanner was the President of the United Broadcasting Company. Convinced that his network was second in the ratings because his chief competitor, Galaxy Broadcasting, had so many exclusive stories concerning Superman, Tanner ordered his chief research scientist, Doctor Peter Silverstone, to create a superhero for UBC to exploit. Silverstone created a costume and called this new superhero Blackrock. However, Silverstone chose Tanner as the wearer of the Blackrock supersuit, in which Tanner was hypnotized by Silverstone without his knowledge into becoming his own superhero. Tanner fiercely competed against Superman while remaining ignorant that his 'heroic' acts only placed people in danger. Ultimately, Superman discovered Tanner's identity and defeated him. Tanner returned to normal with no knowledge of his alter-ego.