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Blackrock (Peter Silverstone)
New Earth
Real name Peter Silverstone
Alias Blackrock
Alignment Bad
Gender Male
Occupation Scientist; Criminal
Family none known
Affiliation United Broadcasting Company
First appearance Justice League America vol 1 #43 (Oct 1990)
Appearance of death Superman vol 2 #218 (Aug 2005)
Universe New Earth/Post-Crisis
Alternate versions see Blackrock (disambiguation)
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Blackrock was a criminal scientist who was given powers by a a parasitic alien lifeform that took the shape of a black rock. Peter Silverstone started out as Director of Research and Technology for the United Broadcasting Company under company president Sam Tanner. Tasked with creating a corporate-backed superhero persona that UBC could cover exclusively, Silverstone created a suit that would give its wearer the power over broadcasting frequencies. Silverstone manipulated various people into wearing the suit and becoming Blackrock, before finally using the persona for himself. He was eventually bludgeoned to death by Samuel Benjamin, who took the suit and power for himself.

New Earth/Post-Crisis[]