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Black Widow (Robot)
BlackWidowRobotCJE thumb
Real name Unknown
Alias Black Widow; Robot Spider
Gender Female (apparently)
Alignment Bad
Occupation none known
Family none known
Affiliation Unnamed planet
First appearance Metal Men vol 1 #17 (Jan 1966)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions Robot Spider
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The Metal Men were teleported to an unnamed world where giant robot spiders had captured planes, a train and a ship from Earth with their webs. The MM managed to rescue everyone caught by the webs and send them back to Earth, but they themselves were caught by a Black Widow spider robot. The Black Widow hypnotized Doc into thinking she was a beautiful female. The MM tricked other spiders into freeing them, then fought off the spider band, who vowed to leave Earth alone, and then the MM returned through the space-warp web.