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Black Star (William Mowse)
Blackstar JLA111 RT
Real name William Mowse
Alias Black Star
Occupation Criminal
Alignment Bad
Family none known
Affiliation none known
First appearance Leading Comics vol 1 #2 (Mar 1942)
Appearance of death Leading Comics vol 1 #2 (Mar 1942)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-Two
Alternate versions none
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William Mowse, alias Black Star, was a villain who gathered together five smalltime crooks, Falseface, the Brain, Captain Bigg, the Hopper and the Rattler, into a team, to commit crimes. He communicated with the crooks only on film. Mowse had been a minor clerk who had seized an opportunity to make it big. The crimes of his gang members brought him the means to create a black light machine that could make himself (or anything) physically big, strong and powerful. In his showdown with the Seven Soldiers of Victory, he fell in front of the machine, causing him to become so big that he fell (with the machine) through the earth and was killed.