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Beta Action367 RT thumb
Real name Beta-Zin
Alias Beta
Gender Female
Alignment Bad
Occupation Terrorist
Family none known
Affiliation Alpha
First appearance Action Comics vol 1 #366 (Aug 1968)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternate versions none
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Two female terrorists from the year 3604, Alpha and Beta, attempted to find David Carew, a fellow student of Linda Danvers at Midvale. They believe he was destined to discover Noricon, a vaccine against all diseases and a priceless substance in their time. They want him to make a vast amount for them now, so they could sell it in the future.

The terrorists constructed a force-barrier around Stanhope College to imprison the faculty and students, and booby-trapped it with a bomb that would detonate if Supergirl used any of her super-powers on it.

Eventually, Supergirl and David Carew disarm the bomb and outwit the terrorists, handing them over to police officers who emerge from the future. The police reveal that Alpha and Beta had erred in their research: it was not David Cacrew but his son who would discover Noricon.