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Benn Pares (Earth-247)
Benn-Pares Rat
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Real name Benn Pares
Alias none known
Occupation Thief
Alignment Bad
Family none known
Affiliation none known
Homeworld unknown
First appearance Adventures in the DC Universe #10 (Jan 1998)
Universe Earth-247
Alternate versions Benn Pares (Pre-Zero Hour)
300 010


Benn Pares was a burglar who had grand ambitions and tried to burgle the LSH HQ, but was defeated by Ferro, Gates, Tenzil Kem and Chuck Taine.

Note: The story in which Pares appeared took place in the DC Animated Universe and can be considered apocryphal for that Universe, because a different version of the Legion of Super-Heroes generally appeared there. However, it made perfect sense as a story in the regular Earth-247 Legion series.