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Baxter Baines
Baxter Baines Batman 299 BB thumb
Earth One
Real name Baxter Baines
Alias none known
Occupation Socialite
Family none known
Affiliation none known
First appearance Batman vol 1 #299 (May 1978)
Universe Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternates none
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Baxter Baines was a wealthy Gothamite responsible for giving away clues to Batman's secret identity. Batman and Baines worked together to put away a gang of hoods who wanted to force the information about Batman's identity from Baines. Afterwards, Baines admitted that unmasking Batman was one of his main goals in life, but Batman pointed out that all of Baines's clues pointed towards Baines as much as they did Batman, and Baines confessed that he would like to be Batman's replacement if he should ever retire or be disabled. He then tried to unmask Batman, but Batman unmasked Baines instead and dumped him in a gutter outside. He used Baines' skywriting machine to write out his own clue: "His initials are B.B." Fearful for his life, Baines left Gotham for Capri.