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Real Name Unknown
Alias Spacce Angel
Affiliation Teen Titans
Gender Male
First appearance Tales of the Teen Titans vol 1 #52 (Apr 1985)
Appearance of death
Universe Post-Crisis/New Earth
Alternate versions see Azrael (disambiguation)
Azrael logo


Azrael’s origin is a mystery, even to himself. All that is known is that Azrael is an alien being whose spaceship crashed somewhere in the past atop Mount Michelson in Alaska. Burying itself in the ice, Azrael’s ship lay undiscovered for an undetermined period of time.

Scientists from S.T.A.R. Labs discovered the icy tomb, and the cryogenically frozen body of the winged alien being which lay within. Using the research of the late scientist Elinore Stone, they brought the spaceman out of his frozen state and into a world in which he did not belong.

Soon after, he met he New Teen Titans and Lilith, falling hopelessly in love with her. Lilith reciprocated those feelings, but to a much smaller extent. This incident occurred after Terra’s betrayal, but before the ultimate defeat of Trigon.

The winged man was tricked by the Church of Blood into thinking he was Azrael, the angel of death. It was he who dropped the broken-spirited Brother Blood off at a monastery when the villain’s mind was broken by Raven.

Azrael later flew away.

Powers and Abilities[]

The extent of his powers are unknown; the ones depicted were :

  • Winged flight.
  • Some type of mental telepathy or empathic ability.

Post-Crisis/New Earth[]

Azrael-Teen Titans