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Atom I (Tangent)
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Real name(s) Arthur Thompson
Affiliation none known
Family Unnamed son, aka Atom II (deceased); Adam Thompson, aka Atom III] (grandson)
First appearance Tangent Comics: Atom vol 1 #1 (Dec 1997)
Universe Tangent Universe/Earth-9
Alternate versions see Atom disambiguation
Atom (2006)


In the 1960s, the American government began a program of research, exposing test subjects to radiation. All died, except one - Arthur Thompson, who gained atomic powers. He became famous as the world's first superhero, the Atom. He had at least two children, one of whom took over the mantle as 'the Atom' when Arthur retired. When Atom II was killed by the Fatal Five, Arthur's grandson, Adam, became the Atom.

Tangent Universe/Earth-9[]