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Green Lantern (2011)

Archon Z'gmora
Real Name Archon Z'gmora
Affiliation Green Lantern Corps Black Lantern Corps
Hair None
Planet of Origin Cygnus
Gender Male
Era Pre-Crisis Post-Crisis

Not much is known of Archon Z'gmora of Cygnus, he was ambushed in a temporal dimension in Sector 0026 by a creature named N'Gon. The creature had attempted to steal his power, for a battle with a duplicate of itself. Mortally wounded in battle, Archon Z'gmora destroyed his ring, by sending into an exploding star, to keep it from his attacker. He called Hal Jordan for help.

According to Hal Jordan, Archon Z'gmora was friends with Norchavius and Zuron. Jordan wondered why Z'gmora had not requested help from them instead of him, as they hadn't been on friendly terms since an incident on Altair-Four.

Jordan had been lured into the same trap as Z'gmora.

Seeking more power, N'Gon had planned to catch Superman in the same trap he'd used on the Green Lanterns. Jordan with Superman's help defeated N'Gon.

Presumably, Jordan later took Archon Z'gmora's body to Oa for entombment in the Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps.

During the event known as the Blackest Night, black rings desecrated the Crypts. The ring placed itself upon Archon Z'gmora's corpse, downloaded all of his memories and created a duplicate of his body that rose from the grave as a member of the Black Lantern Corps.