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Aquawoman (Titans Tomorrow)
Aquawoman rar-Titans of Tomorrow
Titans Tomorrow
Real name Lorena Marquez
Alias Aquawoman
Gender Female
Alignment Neutral
Occupation Superhero
Family none known
Affiliation Titans
First appearance Teen Titans/The Legion Special vol 1 #1 (Nov 2004)
Universe Titans Tomorrow
Alternate versions Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez)
Titans logo


In a possible future timeline, Lorena Marquez used the name, 'Aquawoman'. Her costume consisted of the familiar gold-and-green uniform worn by her predecessor, Aquaman. In this future era (approximately 2015 AD), the Teen Titans took a harder line and arguably fascist approach to crime-fighting, encapsulating an attitude that was commonly attributed to super-villains rather than heroes.

Titans Tomorrow[]