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Earth One
Real name Anr-Mu
Family none
Affiliation Matricomp
First appearance Superman vol 1 #246 (Dec 1971)
Appearance of death Superman vol 1 #246 (Dec 1971)
Era Pre-Crisis/Earth-One
Alternates not known
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Jor-El and Lara went to Matricomp, the matrimonial computer, to be approved for marriage. Instead, Lara was matched up with Anr-Mu, whom Matricomp said was a fitter mate for her than Jor-El. After fighting and losing to Anr-Mu, who had mesmerized Lara with mental force, Jor-El went to Matricomp to investigate. As he suspected, the computer had fallen in love with Lara and created Anr-Mu, an android representation of itself, to marry her. Realizing it would now be dismantled for failure, Matricomp destroyed itself and Anr-Mu. Jor-El and Lara were reunited, and Kryptonians were henceforth free to marry without computer approval.