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Americommando (Tex Thompson)
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JSA: Golden Age
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Real name Harold 'Tex' Thompson
Alias Americommando; Ultra-Humanite
Alignment Bad
Gender Male
Occupation Superhero (acting)
Family none known
Affiliation Nazi party
First appearance Golden Age vol 1 #1 (Sep 1993)
Universe JSA:Golden Age/Elseworlds
Alternate versions see Americommando (disambiguation) and Ultra-Humanite
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Tex Thompson operated as the mystery man known as Mister America and then later Americommando during World War II. Around the later years of the war, Thompson went undercover behind enemy lines in Europe along with his friend and fellow crimefighter Paul Kirk (Manhunter) in order to take down the Nazi super-agents. Thompson was captured and his brain was removed and replaced by the Ultra-Humanite's, who then returned to America after the war under the guise of Thompson, being credited for the killing of Adolf Hitler when in fact the Ultra-Humanite had Hitler's brain removed and then later transplanted into the body of Daniel Dunbar to become his super-agent called Dynaman. The JSA discovered the plot, Manhunter defeated the Ultra-Humanite and Dynaman was killed by Liberty Belle.

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