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Green Lantern (2011)

Real name Alia
Relatives Ran-Dee (son, deceased)
Affiliation Green Lantern Corps
Eyes Brown
Hair Reddish-brown
Space Sector Sector 0281
Gender Female
Race Unknown
Universe Post-Crisis/New Earth
Alternate versions None

Alia was a Green Lantern who met Lar Gand (Valor) on Starlag II, a space station prison. She had been in the prison for close to forty years after a battle with the being known as "The Unimaginable." As the Green Lantern was very old and weak. Valor had mistaken her for an old man. Alia had fought the being after it had caused her homeworld's star to go super-nova. The blast killed all the planet's life, including Alia's son, Ran-Dee.

The Green Lantern tried to capture the Unimaginable, but her power ring's 24 hour limit had been reached. Thinking it had won, the Unimaginable had let down its' guard. As an energy creature, Alia managed to capture the Unimaginable within a bubble of her own living energy. An arriving planetary federation survey team took the combatants to Starlag II. Alia had to be locked away with the trapped being.

Years later, on Starlag II, Alia was involved with Valor and the super-team known as the Blasters. They had escaped the prison facility.

The Unimaginable caught up with Alia and Valor, seeking vengence against the Green Lantern. Seeking to even the odds to make the battle last longer, it gave Alia's living energy back to her, causing her to revert back to her younger years. Once again, the Unimaginable taunted her with her son's death.

Alia attempted to trap the Unimaginable as she had the last time they fought. It was impossible, she had been sealed shut by her enemy. The Unimaginable set her on fire. Alia was rescued by Valor, who blasted the Unimaginable with a burst of laser-vision. She was brought to Oa for medical treatment by Valor. Unfortunately, their ship, Pilgrim One had been damaged and would crash on Oa.

At first, the Green Lanterns Breeon, Reemuz, Umitu and their trainer, Kilowog mistakenly took Pilgrim One's approach for an attack. Unable to stop the ship due to it's yellow hull, the four Green Lanterns had to move aside to let Valor manage to land the ship.

The badly damaged ship was repaired by Kilowog, and Valor headed out into space. Alia was left on Oa with the Green Lanterns. Her current activities are unknown.

Post-Crisis/New Earth[]