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Alexander Luthor Junior (Earth-Three)
Alex Luthor-td
Real name Alexander Luthor Junior
Alias Alex Luthor; Lex Luthor
Alignment Good, later bad
Gender Male
Occupation Adventurer
Family Alexander Luthor Senior (father, deceased); Lois Lane-Luthor (mother, deceased)
Affiliation none
Homeworld Earth-Three
First appearance Crisis on Infinite Earths vol 1 #1 (Apr 1985)
Appearance of death Infinite Crisis vol 1 #7 (Jun 2006)
Universe Earth-Three/Pre-Crisis
Alternate versions see Lex Luthor (disambiguation)
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Alexander Luthor Junior was the son of Earth-Three's only super-hero, Alexander Luthor Senior. He was the sole survivor of Earth-Three after it was destroyed in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Along with Superman and Lois Lane of Earth-Two, and Superboy of Earth-Prime, Alex entered a paradise-like dimension where the four could live eternally following the Crisis and the creation of New Earth. However, Luthor and Superboy-Prime became restless, and eventually Luthor worked out a plan to escape and recreate their own Earths. Reaching New Earth, Luthor fooled the Society (aka the Secret Society of Super-Villains) into helping him. However, his plans all failed and he was later killed by the Joker of Earth-One.

During the Blackest Night event, Luthor was revived as a Black Lantern, but finally destroyed again.


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