Tterrr Ahk Ton Gold

  • Real Name: Ahk-Ton
  • Alias: Metamorpho
  • Identity: Public
  • Alignment: Bad
  • Occupation: Priest
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair: None Eyes: Black
  • Citizenship: Egyptian
  • First Appearance: Brave and the Bold #57 (January, 1964)


Ahk-Ton was a priest who lived in Ancient Egypt during the reign of Ramses II circa 1279-1230 BCE (some sources put him at closer to 2000 BCE). An alchemist discovered a meteorite and used a fragment to fashion the Orb of Ra. He presented it to Ahk-Ton in the hopes that he would use it as a symbol of peace, but instead, he used it as a means to establish his power base.

Ahk-Ton sent the Orb of Ra into the future, calculating for its return as a powerful weapon against the king. When Batman and the Outsiders arrived from the future, Ahk-Ton used the Orb to enslave Rex Mason, the current Metamorpho. Once Metamorpho was freed, Ahk-ton was defeated and taken by Ramses, who intended to slay Ahk-ton. Ahk-ton soon resurfaced however. The radioactive properties from the meteor caused a transmutative effect on Ahk-Ton and he became the first Metamorpho.

Driven mad and drunk with power, Ahk-Ton dominated Egypt with a literal iron fist. He ravaged the kingdom of Kahndaq, killing the family of Teth-Adam. Adam could not apprehend Ahk-Ton, so he entombed his family and returned to the court of Ramses.

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