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Agent Liberty
Agent Liberty CA
New Earth
Real name Benjamin Lockwood
Alias Agent Liberty
Alignment Good
Family none known
Affiliation Justice League; C.I.A
First appearance Superman vol 2 #60 (Oct 1991)
Appearance of death Action Comics vol 1 #873 (Mar 2009)
Universe New Earth/Post-Crisis
Alternate versions none known
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Ben Lockwood was an operative of a C.I.A. anti-terrorist mission that went wrong. He ended up stranded in hostile territory for several months. When he returned to America, his former Bureau chief recommended that he join a well-funded team of patriots called the 'Sons of Liberty'. There he became known as Agent Liberty and was given access to high-tech weaponry and a helicopter team to cover him on high-risk missions. On one of his first missions he took down some Intergang members with Superman.

Ben quit the Sons of Liberty when he was ordered by the organization to assassinate Senator Pete Ross. Not only did he refuse, he killed his former mentor and sent classified information to Clark Kent of the Daily Planet.

Agent Liberty was seen in Cadmus and overheard General Lane and Lex Luthor talking about how they might bring war to New Krypton. They discussed Doomsday, the Creature Commandos and killing Superman slowly. It sounded like they were planning an offensive strike. Unfortunately, Agent Liberty was discovered by Superwoman who quickly killed him with her heat vision.

New Earth/Post-Crisis[]

Non-canonical versions[]