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Abra Kadabra
150px-The Original Universe

  • Real Name: Abra Kadabra
  • Affiliation None
  • Identity Secret
  • Alignment Bad
  • Universe New Earth
  • Gender Male
  • Hair Black
  • Citizenship Earth 64th century
  • First appearance The Flash v1 #128 (May, 1962)


Frustrated by a lack of audience acceptance in his native 64th Century, since the superscience at that time made his magic tricks seem commonplace, Kadabra stole an experimental time machine and journeyed to the 20th Century to become a star. After failing to attract an audience in the traditional manner, Kadabra used his futuristic scientific knowledge to commit a series of daring robberies, forcing his victims to applaud his criminal actions, thus providing Kadabra with the acclaim he so desperately craved. Originally, Kadabra stole merely to gain attention, but he later devoted much of his time attempting to gain vengeance on his archenemy, the Earth-One Flash (Barry Allen).

Non-canonical versions[]