711 (Daniel Dyce)
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Golden Age
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Real name Daniel Dyce
Alias Jacob Horn; 711
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Occupation Former Attorney, Convict, Crimefighter
Family none known
Affiliation none known
First appearance Police Comics vol 1 #1 (Aug 1941)
Appearance of death Police Comics vol 1 #15 (Jan 1943)
Universe Quality Comics/Golden Age
Alternate versions none
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Daniel Dyce was a promising young attorney — and a gullible one at that. His friend Jake Horn convinced Dyce to take a rap for him, on account of the impending birth of Horn’s child. But after Dyce was convicted and sent to prison as 'Horn', the real Horn was killed in an accident and Daniel was left with no way of proving his innocence.

Now known merely as convict #711, Dyce spent two years secretly digging a tunnel out of Westmoor Prison. During that time Dyce concluded that his life on the outside was now dead, and so he chose to remain in the prison, but fight crime as '711' in public. Dyce wore a crimson jacket and cape and a hat that cast a heavy shadow over his face.

711 finally ran out of luck and was murdered in prison by a convicted racketeer, Oscar Jones.

Quality Comics/Golden Age

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